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Springtime in NoHo (at New York, New York)
I wonder how many thousands of times I’ve walked through Astor place (at Astor Place)
Sunny day on St Marks Place (at East Village, Manhattan)
Oh hey allergies  (at East Village, Manhattan)
Sunny SoHo
Muggy day on Houston St  (at Soho, New York City)
I found Wally asleep like this, cuddling with Pusheen
If you’ve spent enough time in SoHo, you know Broadway is practically deserted in this picture  (at Soho, New York City)
View during shortest work commute ever (about 7 minute walk door to door) (at NoHo)
WHAT THE FUCK. HOW THE FUCK do you walk in these SIX INCH stilettos. (Yves Saint Laurent shoes I photographed for work)
Getting paid to walk around SoHo in perfect weather is not a bad deal (at SoHo)
Leonard: ‘What? You expected to eat breakfast alone?’
The cats have infiltrated. Wally likes chilling with Pusheen